What does authentic Japanese food look like to you? Do you think of sushi? There is more to Japanese food than just sushi.

EDO Izakaya offers authentic Japanese cuisine and more.

Izakaya dining is a quintessentially Japanese experience, offering a lively and casual atmosphere akin to a pub. It’s a place where friends and colleagues gather to share small, flavorful dishes and drinks.

We’ve modernised the traditional Japanese menu.

The menu at EDO IZAKAYA is carefully curated into six sections, encouraging guests to share and savour the diverse flavours of Japan. Delight in the freshness of Sashimi & Nigiri, the bite-sized wonders of Small Plates reminiscent of tapas, the creativity of Signature Rolls, the pillowy goodness of Bao Buns, the vibrant options of Rolls and Tacos, and the hearty Izakaya Large plates.

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Why Choose Our Japanese Restaurant Near Liverpool Street?

EDO Izakaya is a Japanese restaurant located near Liverpool Street. Here, we promise an authentic and delightful culinary adventure. Our carefully crafted menu showcases the true essence of Japanese cuisine, prepared with precision and using the finest, freshest ingredients. Nestled near the vibrant Shoreditch area, we offer a unique blend of traditional flavours and modern dining experiences. The location is convenient and easily accessible, making it a perfect choice for both locals and visitors seeking an unforgettable taste of Japan right in the heart of London’s lively dining scene.

Bringing Japan to you.

Every dish we prepare is inspired by the traditional Japanese recipes that our ancestors perfected over thousands of years. Our fresh meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes are irresistible and will leave you feeling completely satisfied and longing for more.

We offer an inclusive restaurant experience.

Whatever your taste or dietary restriction, our restaurant can cater to your needs. We offer many vegetarian and seafood dishes.

Tired after a long day of sightseeing?

Satisfy your hunger at EDO Izakaya.

EDO Izakaya is a Japanese restaurant in Liverpool Street that’s the perfect place to relax for lunch or dinner. Our Izakaya theme is reminiscent of traditional Japanese pubs and provides a calm and serene place for you to enjoy a delicious meal.

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