Are you planning to visit Old Street? Make EDO Izakaya your stop for delicious Japanese cuisine, sushi, and a memorable experience in this iconic neighbourhood.

Embrace the Essence of Japanese Izakaya-Style Dining.

EDO IZAKAYA, embodying the spirit of the traditional Japanese izakaya and the communal joy of tapas-style dining, specialises in authentic Japanese cuisine.

You’ll never forget your first meal at Edo Izakaya.

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What Is Izakaya?

The word “izakaya” can be roughly translated to “stay and drink place.”

In an izakaya, the focus is not only on the food but also on socializing and the overall experience. Customers typically order a variety of small plates of food, similar to tapas, which are meant to be shared among the group.

Why Choose Our Japanese Restaurant Near Old Street?

Situated near Old Street Station in London, our restaurant is easily accessible, making it a convenient choice for both locals and visitors. Whether you’re in the neighbourhood or exploring the city, our location offers accessibility and convenience

Discover an extraordinary dining experience by choosing our Japanese restaurant near Old Street, London. We take pride in delivering an authentic taste of Japan through our carefully curated menu and skilled, experienced chefs.

Old Street is a vibrant, bustling neighbourhood known for its diverse community and cultural attractions. By being in this dynamic area, we can contribute to the local dining scene and provide an exciting culinary option for those exploring the neighbourhood.

Old Street embodies a blend of modernity and history, aligning with the fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine and the contemporary dining experience that we offer. This connection enhances the overall dining experience for our patrons.

Our menu is designed with variety in mind and includes many vegetarian options.

We take pride in using the freshest meat, seafood, and other high-quality ingredients that we use to prepare your meal.

We never compromise on quality.

Head Chef Charles Lee is an experienced chef that has worked in Michelin Star restaurants in the UK.

Sushi that’s to die for.

Sushi lovers will love what EDO Izakaya has to offer. You’ll have a hard time finding a better sushi restaurant in Old Street than ours. If you’re in the mood for something a little meatier, we recommend you try our Signature Rolls, fresh sashimi, or braised short ribs.

Just make sure to leave enough time to visit Robata to recharge yourself after a long day of exploring Old Street. We’re confident you’ll love your experience!

If you’re in the mood for sushi and a relaxing environment, our authentic Japanese restaurant near Old Street is the right choice for you.

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EDO Izakaya is a restaurant where we strive to offer our customers a calm and authentic Japanese pub-style environment where they can enjoy great food and relax. Our Japanese restaurant in Old Street is one experience you’ll never forget.

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